Food Waste Friday

Here is my food waste for the week. I took a crack at making rice baby crackers. Every time I gave him one, Mister J would taste it, play with it and then feed it to the dog. Oh well, at least I tried.

In other food news, last night as we were eating beef and bean tacos hubby announced that I should make them with ground turkey or chicken next time…you know…to cut down on our red meat intake. I nearly fell off my chair. Over the past month I have significantly cut down on the amount of meat (especially red) that we are eating. This meal was the only one all week that had any beef. Anyway, his suggestion sounds good to me.

I think part of his new-found interest in healthy eating and some of my other endeavors stems from the fact that it makes him “look cool” at work. Hubby brings his lunch to work everyday and sits in a boardroom with a group of women to eat. It seems that my frugal/green efforts have made him look quite knowledgable among the group. He often comes home and tell me how he was able to contribute to conversations about backyard gardening/who has the best selection and prices of baby carriers/cloth diapering/organic vs. local food etc. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall.

I still have not gotten around to making yogurt. It is coming soon though. I bought extra milk and the “starter”. Hopefully over the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. I think that’s how my husband feels too at work. Even though it’s mostly guys that make fun of him, I think they are starting to appreciate the learning aspect of it. My husband said that a few of them have approached him about their tight money issues…he won’t buy coffee for the group since we are on a budget etc.

    Anyhow, check out Adam (my husband’s) experiment making yogurt…maybe yours will take a crack at it.

  2. Good luck making yogurt! I have been doing it for about 2 years now, and it gets easier after the first few times! I found the instructions in the book Super Baby Food to be really helpful and told me not just what to do but why it is important for the process.

  3. That is hilarious. I used to often send John to Extraordinnary Baby Shoppe (pre potty training) for stuff, and he was totally fawned over there when he went alone LOL

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