Happy Valentines Day

When I was younger I always wanted my mom to make special days…well, special. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her thing. Not that I am complaining, she was a great mom. I have decided that I am going to make an effort to recognize those days for my kids. Not that I think Valentines Day is really that special…but Miss K does. She has been wishing everyone “Happy Balentimes Day” for a weeks now.

I tried…I really did. Unfortunately my efforts produced less than stellar results.

I bought a red heart helium balloon that I had planned on tieing to Miss K’s chair before bed, so it would be waiting for her in the morning. I took great effort to hide it, but as you might expect, it was found before bed.

Miss K and I made cookies to give out to friends. They tasted good at first but turned out to be as hard as hockey pucks. It was disappointing but at least we had fun making them.

I had planned on making heart shaped berry pancakes for breakfast. They were pretty, but not well recieved. Hubbs grabbed one, folded it in half and at it in two big bites, Miss K had a few bites and asked for syrup, and Mister J just refused to eat his.


It makes me wonder if my mom tried, but gave up after an experience like mine.


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