I am loving this show lately. Everyday after Mister J goes down for a nap I sit down to have my lunch and watch.  Now, I realize that “Reality TV” is not always reality, but I think this show has a good message.  It is pretty amazing what a week of discipline and work can do for a child. It is also pretty scary what years of indifference can do for a child.

Is “indifference” to harsh of a term to use for parents who consistently don’t discipline, allow children to be disrespectful and set no boundaries? Nope. I really don’t think so.

I realized that Miss K can do more around the house, even though she is 3. She can put her clothes in the hamper, make her bed and help set the table.  It was a bit of a struggle at first – “why mommy?” – “I do it next year” (according to Miss K next year refers to any time in the future). However, after a few short days she is enjoying helping out and feels needed.

I never fully understood before the impact “chores” have on a child. Even for a small child, it is a self-esteem boost to contribute to a household. I also never realized the impact it has on the parent. Even the small amount she does is helpful and makes mundane tasks more fun.  I am so proud when she is proud of herself. This morning she did such a good job of making her bed and it put a smile on both of our faces.


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