Designer Parenting!?

So…what is with the labels these days?

Slow Parenting.

Attachment Parenting.

Responsive Parenting.

Nuturant Parenting.

I have NO IDEA why people have to label themselves.  As parents, it divides us. It feels like we have to take sides.

It also seems to be a problem when someone labels themselves as one type of parent and then discovers that a particular part of their chosen philosophy does not work for their child or family. It can be such a struggle.  I have seen people go against their gut in a parenting decision because it didn’t line up with the philosophy that they have adopted.

For me, parenting is like making a quilt. My “philosophy” or “principals” is an ever growing and changing thing. I am always adding bits and pieces.  Sometimes I accidentally come across something that I want to add. Sometimes I realize that there is a hole that has to be filled and I have to seek out the right thing to fill that gap. Sometime I have to get out the seam ripper and take out a piece because, although it looked pretty in the beginning, it just doen’t work in the overall design.

Every child is different and every family is different, so shouldn’t everyone’s quilt be different? It doesn’t mean that we can’t share fabric. Quite the contrary – that is the best part about making a quilt – sharing bits and pieces and getting to see how the other creatively fits it into their work of art.


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